Seminole Magazine May/June 2016, pp 22,23    Arts and Entertainment Cover Story:
"Cherie Dacko:   From photos and photo-realism to surrealism: Cherie Dacko's "Bent Realism." (Link)

River of Lakes Heritage Corridor video:  "Cherie Dacko, Artist, Gallery on First"    October, 2014. Video promoting tourism in Central Florida and featuring interviews of locals. Looped at local Sunrail stations and at Sanford International Airport. (Link) 

The Huffington Post  May 2014. Artwork and bio featured in actor Rita Wilson's "Featured Fifty Fine Arts" on online Huffington Post blog (Link)

Orlando At Play - Visual Arts  Highlighting artists in "Participation: Classes of 2013/2014"  art exhibit at the Art and History Museum Gallery. (Link)

Heritage Lakes Scenic Corridor  website, "Among My Tribe in Sanford" by Cherie Dacko, November, 2014. Interviewed for an "Ask A Local"  section of the site promoting local artists, galleries, restaurants in Sanford, Florida. (Link)

Winter Park Observer  blog, February, 2012.  "Can Your Heart Handle all the Choices? Culture and Cocktails"  by Josh Garrick (Link)

Wandering Educators: Florida Culture for the Week  blog, February 2012 by Josh Garrick (Link)

Orlando Sentinel  February 24, 2011  "Don't Miss: Sanford Art Walk" by Tod Caviness, Pictured: "Princess Vortex" by Cherie Dacko (Link)

Miami: Fountain Exhibition 2010 Review and Pictures - Basel Miami Beach 2010 - Wynwood Arts District- Warholian January 4, 2011. Photos by Michael Cuffe for Cherie Dacko booth featured among others.(Link)

Art Spotlight: Featured artist of the month: Cherie Dacko (Link)


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